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Author John Pliniussen
Nipissing University

John Pliniussen is Director and Full Professor in the School of Business and Economics at Nipissing University. John's has a HBA from the University of Western, a MA from Norwich University, a MPA from Queen's University, and a PhD from the University of Bath.

John has authored/co-authored six textbooks:

  • Planning and Managing Canadian Businesses: Text and Cases - An Entrepreneurial Perspective (with Russ Knight), Captus Press, Toronto, 1998.
  • An Introduction to Canadian Business and Management, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, Toronto, 1994.
  • Business Case Analysis Process (BCAP) Workbook, with Software (for Excel), 3rd Edition (with Tim Jones, Richard Fortin, Krista Lariviere, Linda Wilson), Captus Press, Toronto, 1997.
  • Managing Information Resources: Concepts and Readings, 2nd Edition, Irwin-Dorsey, Chicago, 1995.
  • Canadian Business Plans and Case Studies, 3rd Edition, Canadian Scholar's Press, Toronto, 1994.

John has written a number of cases and his leadership in the promotion of case studies was recognized when he was awarded the world-renown Edwin M. Appel Prize in Entrepreneurship Leadership by Babson College in 1996. The award acknowledged his work in the development of case studies and textbooks, and the invention of the world's first business case-analysis software.


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