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Young Entrepreneur - Michelle Hill
Prince Edward Island
Author Tim Carroll


Michelle Hill was content to work for someone else at the work she loved. As an employee, she was able to structure her hours around the requirements of her family. In October, 1997, her employer surprised her with an announcement of a change of location and scheduling, which caused her to make a choice. She looked at her written goals that weekend which included the goal to start her own business in the year 2000. She decided then to scratch out the 2000 and write 1998. She had to take her few resources (a client base, some information on costs, some knowledge of sales potential and an intuitive sense of how this market is growing among baby boomer) and develop a business plan.

Michelle demonstrates entrepreneurial traits including; resourcefulness, a passion for life, enthusiasm for her work, initiative, selling skills, and a natural capacity for dealing with customers and employees. At a early age, she acquired a pattern of goal setting as a approach to life and it has served her well in business. Entrepreneurship brought challenges for her and her family. The pattern she follows for maintaining a healthy relationship with a supportive, yet reluctant spouse and children is a good lesson for any entrepreneur.

For some esthetic services (hair removal, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, aroma therapy, etc) may seem to be purely physical. For Michelle and her clients, esthetic services are a soul building relationship. This is a business for the new millennium and the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm and imagination make a very interesting case.