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Author Brian McKenzie
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University of Victoria


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Brian McKenzie has a BA in English, an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Trades Certificate in boatbuilding. Over the past 29 years, he has successfully started and run ventures in fields as diverse as specialty retailing, journalism, and boatbuilding.

Brian is presently working on his PhD at the University of Victoria. His research interests centre around entrepreneurship education and the development of venturing expertise.

As a member of the Faculty of Business, Brian is the Victoria area co-ordinator of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation program, which offers low cost loans to young people starting new ventures. He is also the Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division newsletter, and is the Initiatives Director of the new entrepreneurship centre at University of Victoria.

Brian has 9 years experience as a free lance journalist. His articles have been published in magazines such as West Coast Boat Journal, Pacific Yachting, Malaysia Industry and G7 magazine. He has extensive experience in technical writing, having authored numerous computer user manuals, business plans, business reports, and corporate analysis.

Brian began teaching entrepreneurship and small business management in the spring of 1997 by delivering his thesis project: An Integrated Curriculum for Entrepreneurship Education to a group of graduates from engineering and environmental sciences. Since then, he has taught Developing Entrepreneurial Ventures & The Business Plan, Small Business Management, Start-up Issues, and Business Strategy. Brian has prepared several cases for discussion in his entrepreneurship classes.


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