Women in Business
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The survival of Career Fashions was threatened after only 14 months of operation, when, despite strong sales and profitable operations, Carolyn Knox, Cheryl Roche’s business partner and the only person with expertise in design and production, left the business to pursue other interests. Examination of this case requires assessment of the alternatives facing the business, identification of methods for coping with the loss of an employee who has vital skills, and determination of the firm’s underlying profitability.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business, Introductory Marketing, Small Business Management, New Venture Creation


Michelle Hill was content to work for someone else at the work she loved. As an employee, she was able to structure her hours around the requirements of her family. In October, 1997, her employer surprised her with an announcement of a change of location and scheduling, which caused her to make a choice. She looked at her written goals that weekend which included the goal to start her own business in the year 2000. She decided then to scratch out the 2000 and write 1998. She had to take her few resources (a client base, some information on costs, some knowledge of sales potential and an intuitive sense of how this market is growing among baby boomer) and develop a business plan.

Intended cources: Business Plan, New Venture Creation, Marketing, Women in Business


Entertaining thoughts for expansion, Helene Leclerc, President of L'Ecole des Etudes Commerciales, was shocked when notified by her bank manager and friend that her company had exceeded its credit limit by $40,000 and had 30 days to bring it back in line.

Intended course: Small Business Management, Business Enterprise, Entrepreneurship


This case will explore the barriers experienced by two young women in setting up their networking and training business. It will also investigate their business partnership, how it was formed, steps taken, and movement toward a healthy working partnership.

Intended cources: Women in Business, Organizational Behaviour, New Venture Creation


Sainte Famille Wines Limited is a new farm winery preparing for its first year of sales. The first vintage is nearly ready for sale and owner, Suzanne Corkum, must finally decide on prices to charge and the channels of distribution. Suzanne is facing two interrelated decisions. She needs to establish a proving strategy to introduce her first vintage. She must also choose a method of distribution – selling direct to restaurants and consumers or selling through the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, Small Business Management

TUCKAMORE - St. John’s, Nfld

It was May of 1989, and Joy Harmon, sole proprietor and manager of Tuckmore, had just returned from a visit to the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The purpose of the visit had been to share her "small business experience" with a class of undergraduate students. The students had impressed Joy with their enthusiasm, but at the same time their questions had left her with a feeling of inadequacy. Joy recognized that underlying her difficulty in responding to the many questions, particularly those relating to marketing strategy, was the lack of a formal business plan. She knew one had to be developed and wondered how to proceed.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management


Gill Campbell, President of Woof Design, is contemplating what she should do in an attempt to battle the current recession. Woof Design, a small cottage industry manufacturer of knitted products in St.John’s, Newfoundland, had been faced since 1990 with reduced orders and, consequently, declining sales. Confronted with these issues, she is now questioning whether her products are at the end of their life cycle or whether by expanding her distribution and promotion efforts, she can once again increase her sales.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Marketing, Retail Management, Small Business Management, Exporting and Export Management

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