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Carol Currie, the Managing Director, and Lew Clarke, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration, were meeting to discuss the future of the organization. They knew the organization had not been as successful as they had hoped in 1994, but its head was still above water. Lew felt that they had lost the momentum created from a strong growth period in the early 1990’s. What went wrong? Could they revitalize the organization in time to keep the Celebration going? The 1995 event was only 8 months away.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business Management, Introductory Marketing, Recreation and Tourism Marketing, Community Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, Business Policy/Strategic Management


A Maritime scene should appeal to tourists, thought Bev, as she prepared a new mold ready for production. Having no debt, the entrepreneur stated, "I could close up the business at any time and not have to be concerned about creditors." However, with a slump in sales, Bev hoped to boost sales and profits by expanding into a new market - the tourism market.

Intended courses: Entrepreneurship, Introductory Managerial Accounting, Small Business Management, Tourism Marketing


Having worked within rigid top-down management structures for many years, Paul Stackhouse, manager of the Cambridge Suites, Halifax, believed that the same or better quality of service and product could be achieved with a different approach. As he studied and learned more about the principles of "quality management," he found a management philosophy and process that seemed to fit his own beliefs.

Intended courses: Business Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Planning


Cape Breton Boat Rentals, a seasonally operated, weather sensitive enterprise, experienced disappointing sales in its first year and needed to determine its line of credit requirements for its second year, the upcoming summer season. In order to determine credit requirements, cash budgeting is required, as is examination is the assumptions used in forecasting revenues.

Intended courses: Introductory Finance, Small Business Management

CAPE BRETON CHALETS - Port Hawkesbury, N.S.

With the tourist season only six months away, David O’Brien needed to decide soon whether to proceed with his proposed venture and begin construction of an upscale housekeeping chalet complex. This case requires analysis of marketplace and competitive data, development of a marketing plan under conditions of high uncertainty, and consideration of the importance of a well developed concept or vision.

Intended courses: Marketing Management, Marketing, Planning/Strategy, Marketing of Services, New venture Creation


Alicia and Clifford were on the horns of a dilemma. The site for their proposed farmer's market had just become available for sale. The last undeveloped lot in a high traffic area, there was a municipal development agreement on the land, and public approval was required before such a market could be established. Alicia and Clifford had to act quickly if they were to pursue their dream in becoming entrepreneurs and operating a farmers market.

Intended courses: New Venture Start-Up, Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Introductory Accounting, Introductory Financial Management


As part of Parks Canada's mandate, "preservation and presentation" was a major challenge for management at Kejimkujik National Park. A proposed change in fiscal policy to make National Parks in Canada more revenue dependent was cause for concern and potential conflict for the management, visitors and ecologists at the "Keji" Park in southwestern Nova Scotia. Taking a business approach and attracting more visitors meant more revenues; however, more visitors also spelled danger for the protected endangered Blanding Turtles and other threatened species who resided within the Park. Moreover, with a huge federal deficit, could the taxpayer afford to operate and maintain Canada's National Parks? Supplementary video available.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business, Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Policy for Leisure and Tourism, Outdoor Recreation Administration, Open Space Resource Development, Introduction to Tourism and Community Recreation, Practicum in Outdoor Recreation, Tourism: Community Destination Studies, Environmental Education, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, Environmentalism and Sustainable Society. Supplementary video available.


Until now, running a small Bed & Breakfast in Nova Scotia had been fun for Linda Smith. A home-based business had many advantages. But now, Linda was wondering how she could increase business, particularly in the off-season. How would she go about it? Was she ready to expand her business, and did Linda really understand what it meant to be an entrepreneur?

Intended courses: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Tourism Marketing


Not in 75 years, had Mountain Gap Resort been faced with such an onslaught of external events - a recession, downturns in business and unanticipated failure of the new Upper Clements Park. A new strategy was urgently needed if the resort was to continue profitable operations. Entrepreneur and one of the owners, Ann Goddard, and managing director, Beth Earle-Lambert, were faced with major decisions that would impact on the future of the resort.

Intended courses: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Financial Planning, Strategic Planning, Tourism Destination Planning, Tourism Marketing


Harold Earcle stared blankly at the rain driving at the window of his St. John’s office. It was early February 1993; Harold was preparing for a meeting the following week with Enterprise Newfoundland and Labrador (ENL). ENL was a provincial development and assistance agency and Earle was hoping for financial assistance to help establish a new business venture, a bicycle touring company. The weather in recent days was forcing him to reconsider the financial projections that he was going to present to ENL.

Intended courses: New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, Marketing


Halifax was always well-known for its night life. As owner of one of the city's most successful operations, Joey Ross managed to become a major player in the bar business. One of Ross' two businesses, Peddler's Pub, had gained a reputation as industry leader. The other, JJ Rossy's Ltd., however, had not achieved the same success. Business had become slow, beer sales were declining and sales had been fluctuating from month to month. Tight control, planning and strategy evaluation were needed.

Intended courses: Marketing, Recreation and Leisure Management, Strategic Planning, Introduction to Business, Small Business Management


The company was incorporated to acquire a sixty year old convent, renovate it, and operate it as a tourist home. The company’s problem began with significant cost overruns during the renovation phase and management problems during its first operating period. The company’s owners must now decide whether and additional investment is justified pr whether they should simply allow the company to close down. To make this decision, the company’s viability must be examined, and the managerial ability of the owners assessed.

Intended courses: Intermediate Accounting, Small Business and Entrepreneurship


Despite a disappointing first year for Strategic Adventure Park, an outdoor war/adventure games business, partners Sue and Lisa were determined to realize the potential of their business; they had to identify where they went wrong, take corrective measures, and make some decisions about the long term prospects of the business. Examination of start-up problems and the development of marketing plan are required for analysis of this case.

Intended courses: Small Business Management, New Venture Creation, Marketing Management


It was spring of '94 and Martin Bates, Director of Recreation for the Town of Trenton faced the task of developing and implementing a marketing plan for the municipally-owned Trenton Steeltown Centennial Park. Revenues were modest but the potential for growth appeared substantial. At present, the taxpayers of Trenton picked up the annual loss and some were not too pleased about subsidizing the large "white elephant."

Intended courses: Marketing Management, Marketing Communications/Advertising and Promotion Management, Recreation Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Community Economic Development


Sherry Seeton-Richardson, of Pictou County, had found a way to productively use the fleeces from the market - lamb operation her husband ran. Although she initially anticipated operating her business part-time, a major downsizing by her employer resulted in the loss of her full-time position. She had completed her business plan and now she had to complete the financial section to determine if the business was viable.

Intended courses: Cash Budgeting, Small Business Management, Tourism Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Introductory Financial Management

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