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Author Barbara J. Phillips
University of Saskatchewan

Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips is Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Saskatchewan. Barbara has a BComm (Honours) from the University of Manitoba, and a MA and a PhD from The University of Texas at Austin.

While at The University of Texas at Austin, Barbara received numerous fellowships and grants, in addition to receiving The American Academy of Advertising Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award. She has taught the following courses:

Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Analysis, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Advertising Campaigns, Advertising Research, and Advertising and Society.

Barbara has written a case, 'Dr. Pepper's Creative Strategy,' that will be published in Advertising and Marketing Communication Management (J. Murphy and I. Cunningham, eds). She also has a chapter titled 'Camels and Cowboys: How Junior High Students View Cigarette Advertising' in an up-coming book by C. Macklin and L. Carlson called Advertising to Children. As a researcher, Barbara has published articles in the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Advertising Research, and Journal of Popular Culture.