(Listed in alphabetical order)

A CUT HAIR DESIGN - Wolfville, N.S.

This case describes a small beauty salon facing increasing threats from competition and escalating operating costs. Although initially successful, this beauty salon needs to reinforce its identity and occupy a distinctive position in the market. In a tight market like this on, long-term survival depends on a loyal customer base, while growth depends on the ability to attract customers from competitors. To become a "first choice outlet", Carolyn Kimball, the owner, needs a coordinated marketing strategy. All marketing variables- pricing, personnel, advertising, and service offerings – need to be integrated in order to reinforce what the firm stands for and why it exists. The questions posed to students are: What positioning strategy should the firm pursue? What market segments posed to students are potentially available? Which changes in the marketing strategy are appropriated in order for the firm to develop a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage?

Intended courses: Retailing, Service Marketing

ATHLETE’S WAREHOUSE (A) - Central, Nfld.

It was a cold day in February 1986 when Colin and Ed Power of Grand Falls, Newfoundland were out for their daily training run. During these runs the brothers often discussed possible ventures and the decisions they would face. This day the topic was whether they should open a quality sports shoes and clothing business and, if yes, where it should be located.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making

ATHELETE’S WAREHOUSE - High School (adapted)

It was a cold day in February 1986 when Colin and Ed Power of Grand Falls ' Newfoundland were out for their daily training run. During these runs the brothers often discussed possible business ventures and the decisions they would face. This day the topic was whether they should open a quality sports shoes and clothing business and, if yes, where it should be located.

Intended course: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, Entrepreneurship Decision Making


Carol Currie, the Managing Director, and Lew Clarke, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration, were meeting to discuss the future of the organization. They knew the organization had not been as successful as they had hoped in 1994, but its head was still above water. Lew felt that they had lost the momentum created from a strong growth period in the early 1990’s. What went wrong? Could they revitalize the organization in time to keep the Celebration going? The 1995 event was only 8 months away.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business Management, Introductory Marketing, Recreation and Tourism Marketing, Community Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development, Business Policy/Strategic Management

CAPE BRETON CHALETS - Port Hawkesbury, N.S.

With the tourist season only six months away, David O’Brien needed to decide soon whether to proceed with his proposed venture and begin construction of an upscale housekeeping chalet complex. This case requires analysis of marketplace and competitive data, development of a marketing plan under conditions of high uncertainty, and consideration of the importance of a well developed concept or vision.

Intended courses: Marketing Management, Marketing, Planning/Strategy, Marketing of Services, New venture Creation


The survival of Career Fashions was threatened after only 14 months of operation, when, despite strong sales and profitable operations, Carolyn Knox, Cheryl Roche’s business partner and the only person with expertise in design and production, left the business to pursue other interests. Examination of this case requires assessment of the alternatives facing the business, identification of methods for coping with the loss of an employee who has vital skills, and determination of the firm’s underlying profitability.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business, Introductory Marketing, Small Business Management, New Venture Creation


Cash Computer Supplies is a relatively small mail-order business that sells high quality computer hardware and accessories at notably reduced prices. This case concentrates on its owner, Brian Whiteway, a student studying business at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and his attempts to increase the profitability of his company. Topics include strategic development, marketing and future company viability.

Intended courses: Introductory viability. Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management


Michelle Hill was content to work for someone else at the work she loved. As an employee, she was able to structure her hours around the requirements of her family. In October, 1997, her employer surprised her with an announcement of a change of location and scheduling, which caused her to make a choice. She looked at her written goals that weekend which included the goal to start her own business in the year 2000. She decided then to scratch out the 2000 and write 1998. She had to take her few resources (a client base, some information on costs, some knowledge of sales potential and an intuitive sense of how this market is growing among baby boomer) and develop a business plan.

Intended cources: Business Plan, New Venture Creation, Marketing, Women in Business


This case presents a situation facing a young entrepreneur who must make a decision about the strategic direction of his company. It asks the students to analyze the business environment surrounding the company, and identify and evaluate alternative courses of action.

Intended cources: Strategy, Marketing, New Venture Creation, Business Plan


Ray Brennan and Clayton Buckingham, senior members of the executive for the thirty two year old Florenceville Curling Club, were asked to make recommendations for the club’s future and lead it out of its financial difficulties; drastic changes needed to ensure that the upcoming 1989/90 season would not be the club’s last. This case requires analysis of the 4 P’s of marketing a SWOT analysis for the development of a marketing strategy, and examination of the management structure.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Business Policy


During the first week of June 1988, Jim Wood, principle owner and manager of Glen William Greenhouses Ltd. Of Glen William, PEI, had just received the results of a market research study he had commissioned in April 1988. Mr. Wood was considering constructing a one-hectare greenhouse to grow and market hydroponics lettuce in the Maritime provinces. Based on the results of the market study, Mr. Wood had to decide whether or not to proceed with the plans to construct the greenhouse.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation


Alicia and Clifford were on the horns of a dilemma. The site for their proposed farmer's market had just become available for sale. The last undeveloped lot in a high traffic area, there was a municipal development agreement on the land, and public approval was required before such a market could be established. Alicia and Clifford had to act quickly if they were to pursue their dream in becoming entrepreneurs and operating a farmers market.

Intended courses: New Venture Start-Up, Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Introductory Accounting, Introductory Financial Management

GRIFFITH’S GUITAR WORKS - High School - St.John’s, Nfld.

"Two of the biggest barriers to starting my sole proprietorship are gathering the appropriate market information and convincing the money lenders that I am not just another long-haired 19 year-old guy who wants to be a rock star. I have to convince people that I am absolutely set on pursing my dream of building customized acoustic and electric guitars and offering a full range of stringed musical instrument repair services." These are the thoughts of Chris Griffiths of St. John’s, Nfld. As he begins his business planning during the spring of 1992.

Intended course: Small Business Concepts, Entrepreneurship, Market Research Concepts, Financing Issues

THE HEAD ROOM - High School - St. John’s, Nfld.

Trish stood at the window of The Head Room, overlooking the harbour of St. John’s, and wondered how much longer she and her partner, Glenda, would operate their business from this location. Their lease was coming up for renewal and they had the option of either staying, or purchasing an older home in another area of the city. They had seen their hair salon business grow substantially since 1987, but they now felt that in order to continue to grow they needed to expand their services and products to their clients. However, this decision would also mean that they would be required to make a significant financial investment in the purchase of the new building. It was very important that they not lose many customers by this move and be able to maintain the same volume of business. They needed to perform research to determine their customers’ loyalty.

Intended course: Entrepreneurship, Consumer Studies, Introductory Marketing, Business Decision Making, Small Business Management


As part of Parks Canada's mandate, "preservation and presentation" was a major challenge for management at Kejimkujik National Park. A proposed change in fiscal policy to make National Parks in Canada more revenue dependent was cause for concern and potential conflict for the management, visitors and ecologists at the "Keji" Park in southwestern Nova Scotia. Taking a business approach and attracting more visitors meant more revenues; however, more visitors also spelled danger for the protected endangered Blanding Turtles and other threatened species who resided within the Park. Moreover, with a huge federal deficit, could the taxpayer afford to operate and maintain Canada's National Parks? Supplementary video available.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business, Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Policy for Leisure and Tourism, Outdoor Recreation Administration, Open Space Resource Development, Introduction to Tourism and Community Recreation, Practicum in Outdoor Recreation, Tourism: Community Destination Studies, Environmental Education, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, Environmentalism and Sustainable Society. Supplementary video available.


Until now, running a small Bed & Breakfast in Nova Scotia had been fun for Linda Smith. A home-based business had many advantages. But now, Linda was wondering how she could increase business, particularly in the off-season. How would she go about it? Was she ready to expand her business, and did Linda really understand what it meant to be an entrepreneur?

Intended courses: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Tourism Marketing


With limited time, people and money, Aubrey Palmeter and Lorna Bremner needed to develop a plan to reposition Atlantic Canada Plus, an organization which promoted local goods and services, as one which delivered its promised benefits, and revive it in the eyes of members, government purchasers, and Atlantic business and consumers. This case requires the development of a promotional plan.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Advertising, Communications and Promotions


In February 1999, Kent Groves sat in a coffee shop thinking about his company's new site on the World Wide Web. As president of Maritime Trading Company, a small business he started in 1993, he still made most of the decisions for the company. Maritime Trading had had a Web site since 1995. Until recently, there had been no real strategy for the site. In 1995, some friends of Kent's, who had developed skills in Web site development, offered to create one for MTC for little cost. Kent's attitude toward this was "let's throw it up and see what happens." From that time until the end of 1997, co-op students from a local university maintained it. The only purpose of the site was to be an on-line extension of the company's catalogue, giving people using the Internet access to the products.


The assets and trademark of Millie’s Hand Cooked Potato Chips had just been purchased from the receiver, and the new owners were confident in a successful resurrection of the failed company. Analysis of this case requires examination of strategy development, particularly marketing strategy, and the degree to which decisions and actions are consistent with the strategy.

Intended courses: Introductory Business, Introductory marketing, New Venture Creation, Small business Management


Not in 75 years, had Mountain Gap Resort been faced with such an onslaught of external events - a recession, downturns in business and unanticipated failure of the new Upper Clements Park. A new strategy was urgently needed if the resort was to continue profitable operations. Entrepreneur and one of the owners, Ann Goddard, and managing director, Beth Earle-Lambert, were faced with major decisions that would impact on the future of the resort.

Intended courses: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Financial Planning, Strategic Planning, Tourism Destination Planning, Tourism Marketing

MUSSEL MUD - Prince Edward Island

In May of 1989, Ron Sampson, proprietor of PEI Mussel Mud and Natural Fertilizer Co. reviewed the sales results of "mussel mud". In its first year of operation, the business had dredged over 3,599 tons of mussel mud from a local river and 22 farmers had placed orders for autumn delivery. Ron’s dream of establishing his own small business seemed one step closer to reality. As he reviewed the events that led to his success, he wondered what should be his priorities for the upcoming year.

Intended courses: Introductory Business, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Introductory Marketing


Meeting with the owner of the National Music Studio chain, Paul Robson, manager of two Halifax Darmouth outlets, was assigned the responsibility of determining whether to add a new outlet in the metro area, and if so, to recommend a location and marketing strategy. Analysis of this case requires evaluation of the opportunity and development of a marketing strategy.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Small Business Management


This case describes events leading up to a situation in which a high technology start-up company in New Brunswick must develop a marketing strategy for a new product. The company has successfully developed the technology, but has been frustrated in marketing its new products. The case describes experiences common to small technology-driven entrepreneurial companies especially in Atlantic Canada. Analysis and discussion of the issues should bring users of the case a better understanding of typical challenges facing small, technology-driven, start-up companies located in the Atlantic region. The case illustrates that an entrepreneur needs more than technological excellence.

Intended courses: Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, New Product Development, Introductory Marketing, Strategic Management


Time was running our for Tina Fagan, Executive Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Division of the Canadian Heart Foundation; only three weeks remained for her to develop a marketing plan to meet the objectives of realizing growth and efficiency, and gaining foundations status.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Not for Profit Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Strategy and Policy

NIGHTSHIFTS - High School - St. John’s, Nfld.

In January 1993, Karen launched her independently owned and operated sewing venture which she name, "Nightshifts." During the first month of operations in her Mount Pearl, Newfoundland home, Karen sewed twenty flannel ladies’ nightshirts and prepared to sell them at a local flea market. The support of friends and family gave her great confidence that her $16.00 flannel nightshirts would be quickly sold. Unfortunately, Karen knew very little about the competitive crafts industry or about cost projections and her initial sales were very poor. At present, her spirits are crushed and her resources exhausted. Karen must now decide how to proceed.

Intended course: Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Marketing Concepts

THE OBSERVER - Wolfville, N.S.

With the fall semester only one week away, Acadia University business administration students, Randy Ansems, Stephen Connor, Steve Robart and Greg Simpson, needed to quickly decide whether to turn their second year marketing course project, and inter-high school newspaper, into a business.

Intended courses: Introductory Business, Introductory Marketing, New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship


Even though the concept of Opportunity Access as a job placement agency for persons with special needs seemed sound, more research was necessary for Joyce Gillis and Stewart Fraser to assess its viability. This case requires preparation of a marketing and business plan, and consideration of ways in which people with little business experience can start a new business.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing Management, Marketing Communications, Small Business Management, New Venture Creation, Business Policy


Halifax was always well-known for its night life. As owner of one of the city's most successful operations, Joey Ross managed to become a major player in the bar business. One of Ross' two businesses, Peddler's Pub, had gained a reputation as industry leader. The other, JJ Rossy's Ltd., however, had not achieved the same success. Business had become slow, beer sales were declining and sales had been fluctuating from month to month. Tight control, planning and strategy evaluation were needed.

Intended courses: Marketing, Recreation and Leisure Management, Strategic Planning, Introduction to Business, Small Business Management

PERUNA Bonshaw - PEI

Despite having already invested in the Peruna line of skin care products, James Gorman, President of Gorman Controls, a successful potato warehouse ventilation business, needed to decide whether or not to proceed with the new venture.

Intended courses: Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Introductory Business, Introductory Marketing


Sainte Famille Wines Limited is a new farm winery preparing for its first year of sales. The first vintage is nearly ready for sale and owner, Suzanne Corkum, must finally decide on prices to charge and the channels of distribution. Suzanne is facing two interrelated decisions. She needs to establish a proving strategy to introduce her first vintage. She must also choose a method of distribution – selling direct to restaurants and consumers or selling through the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, Small Business Management


Stiff competition from producers of lower quality mussels in Maine, and higher quality mussels in Prince Edward Island, led the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Association to retain Dick Fraser, a private consultant and former mussel grower, to prepare an industry analysis and strategic marketing plan. Nova Scotia mussel growers needed a profitable market position in order to compete in the mussel industry.

Intended courses: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Policy


After a successful first year which far exceeded sales expectation, Sue Daley, manager of SELFHELP Crafts of the World, a nonprofit retail outlet established to sell the goods of producer groups in less developed countries, was preparing for her meeting with the Board by developing a marketing strategy and making recommendations for the future. This case requires the development of strategic marketing plan or a more general, business plan.

Intended courses: Marketing Principles, Marketing Management, Retailing, Marketing Strategy, Nonprofit Marketing


Despite a disappointing first year for Strategic Adventure Park, an outdoor war/adventure games business, partners Sue and Lisa were determined to realize the potential of their business; they had to identify where they went wrong, take corrective measures, and make some decisions about the long term prospects of the business. Examination of start-up problems and the development of marketing plan are required for analysis of this case.

Intended courses: Small Business Management, New Venture Creation, Marketing Management

SWEETN’S - St. John’s, Nfld.

Sweetn’s is a women’s clothing store in downtown St. John’s. Sue Sparkes, the owner, has hired a consultant to collect 1986 census data to advise her on utilizing this information to update her customer profile and to identify census tract areas from which the store should be drawing customers but was not. Sue was also considering opening a second store and was wondering whether the data could be used to help make a decision on a location.

Intended courses: Retail Management, Marketing Research


In 1987, while he lay in a hospital bed suffering from exhaustion, Paul Thompson began to analyze his current operations. Just three months previous, Paul had purchased a large, bankrupt gas bar and convenience store in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, now know as Thompson’s Pipeline Limited.

While things seemed to be running smoothly, a number of issues that affected the profitability of the business needed to be addressed. Uppermost in Paul’s mind was the utilization of non-selling space. In particular, Paul was considering installing a separate business in this space and was presently reviewing several; options, including whether to operate it as a franchise or as an independent business.

Intended courses: Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Retail Management


It was spring of '94 and Martin Bates, Director of Recreation for the Town of Trenton faced the task of developing and implementing a marketing plan for the municipally-owned Trenton Steeltown Centennial Park. Revenues were modest but the potential for growth appeared substantial. At present, the taxpayers of Trenton picked up the annual loss and some were not too pleased about subsidizing the large "white elephant."

Intended courses: Marketing Management, Marketing Communications/Advertising and Promotion Management, Recreation Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Community Economic Development

TUCKAMORE - St. John’s, Nfld

It was May of 1989, and Joy Harmon, sole proprietor and manager of Tuckmore, had just returned from a visit to the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The purpose of the visit had been to share her "small business experience" with a class of undergraduate students. The students had impressed Joy with their enthusiasm, but at the same time their questions had left her with a feeling of inadequacy. Joy recognized that underlying her difficulty in responding to the many questions, particularly those relating to marketing strategy, was the lack of a formal business plan. She knew one had to be developed and wondered how to proceed.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management


The Valley Drug Mart was a business that George Fairn had built in his home town of Middleton, Nova Scotia, over a period of sixteen years. The business had thrived and grown, but now faced its first major competitive threat. A major drug store chain, Lawton’s was about to enter the marker – a maket which George felt could not support two large pharmacies. Given the resources that Lawton’s had behind it, George had to determine a strategy and tactics to maintain his market share and compete successfully with Lawton’s.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Marketing Strategy/Policy, Small Business Management, Retail Management


Peter Thompson, owner of video rental outlet Video Delight had arranged for a group of university students to conduct market research and mak pricing and overall marketing strategy recommendations after the financial impact of the new competitor Jumbo Video. Analysis of this case requires evaluation of market research and the formulation of a marketing strategy to deal with new competition.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Small Business Management, Marketing Research


Gill Campbell, President of Woof Design, is contemplating what she should do in an attempt to battle the current recession. Woof Design, a small cottage industry manufacturer of knitted products in St.John’s, Newfoundland, had been faced since 1990 with reduced orders and, consequently, declining sales. Confronted with these issues, she is now questioning whether her products are at the end of their life cycle or whether by expanding her distribution and promotion efforts, she can once again increase her sales.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Marketing, Retail Management, Small Business Management, Exporting and Export Management

THE XAVIER JACKET - Antigonish, N.S.

Although partners Joe Bradford and Erin Deyell were pleased with a profitable first year of business for Edford Enterprises, which marketed university jackets, they wanted the business to grow. Matters became urgent when they learned that a student had copied the jackets and sold them at prices below Edford’s cost. In addition to financial Analysis, this case requires analysis and development of an appropriate marketing strategy for Edford Enterprises.

Intended courses: Introductory Marketing, Introductory Business, New Venture Creation

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