The Internet Call Manager
Young Entrepreneur - Bill MacMullin
Nova Scotia
Author Harvey Johnstone

Bill MacMullin has been launching ventures since his High School days in the late 1980’s. As a teenager he developed ideas for products and travelled to Montreal at his own expense to contact companies with expertise in packaging and promotion. After graduating from University with a degree in Business he founded a cellular phone company known as Rolling Phones. In 1994 he moved on to found Interactive Telecom Inc. a company later acquired by InfoInteractive Inc. in 1996. As President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoInteractive Inc. Bill was the visionary behind the popular and patented Internet Call Manager service now in use worldwide. Internet Call Manager (ICM) provides caller ID and Call Waiting for the Internet. With the ICM service you are alerted to any incoming call while you are on the internet. The message appears on your screen. Once notified you can take the call, send them a message, redirect the call to another number or ignore it.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to manage the growth of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Learn how to take a company public.
  • Learn about issues associated with intellectual property and patents.
  • Learn about problems dealing with international markets.
  • Learn the importance of managing the pressure that being first into a market places on the entrepreneur’s need for propitious timing.