Human Resources
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ATHLETE’S WAREHOUSE (B) -Grand Falls, Nfld.

This case is intended to illustrate the human resource problems faced as an entrepreneur expands his/her business or businesses. There comes a time when the entrepreneur must step back from the direct and continual day-to-day involvement and become more of a planner. In order to do this, the entrepreneur must have trained a replacement or be able to hire the necessary talent.

The case is also intended to show that in small businesses the scale does not always allow the easily structured solutions of the large business. The small business must make compromises in line of authority, job descriptions and organizational structure.

Intended courses: Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management


Having worked within rigid top-down management structures for many years, Paul Stackhouse, manager of the Cambridge Suites, Halifax, believed that the same or better quality of service and product could be achieved with a different approach. As he studied and learned more about the principles of "quality management," he found a management philosophy and process that seemed to fit his own beliefs.

Intended courses: Business Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Planning


Despite a loss in its first year, Cape Breton Wallcoverings required immediate expansion combined with company-wide training and development in order to meet market demand. This case requires consideration of the importance of the human resource/training and development function in determining the location and the development of a new business.

Intended courses: Personnel/Human Resource Management, Introduction to Business, Issues in Operations Management

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