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As part of Parks Canada's mandate, "preservation and presentation" was a major challenge for management at Kejimkujik National Park. A proposed change in fiscal policy to make National Parks in Canada more revenue dependent was cause for concern and potential conflict for the management, visitors and ecologists at the "Keji" Park in southwestern Nova Scotia. Taking a business approach and attracting more visitors meant more revenues; however, more visitors also spelled danger for the protected endangered Blanding Turtles and other threatened species who resided within the Park. Moreover, with a huge federal deficit, could the taxpayer afford to operate and maintain Canada's National Parks? Supplementary video available.

Intended courses: Introduction to Business, Consumer Behavior, Introduction to Marketing, Tourism Marketing, Policy for Leisure and Tourism, Outdoor Recreation Administration, Open Space Resource Development, Introduction to Tourism and Community Recreation, Practicum in Outdoor Recreation, Tourism: Community Destination Studies, Environmental Education, Conservation Biology, Environmental Science, Environmentalism and Sustainable Society. Supplementary video available.

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