CIBC - Youth Entrepreneurship Case Project

The objective of the CIBC Youth Entrepreneurship Case Project is to develop, publish, and promote business cases that focus on a young entrepreneur and a specific problem or opportunity faced in starting up his or her business. The project has received funding from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for five cases.

The five cases examine the broad range of problems and opportunities facing a new business. The cases are written for students in high school, college, and undergraduate university taking courses in introductory business, small business management, and entrepreneurship. The young entrepreneur featured in each case serves as a role-model for students. The cases come from all regions of Canada.

The cases are 10 to 15 pages in length plus exhibits, and include a teaching note. All cases have been blind reviewed. It is intended that the cases be used by as many students as possible at no cost to the student. The primary means of distribution to students is through this website.

The following are links to each case scenario and to the case authors.

Paul McTaggart - Abduction Productions (British Columbia)
Author: Brian McKenzie, Research Associate, Faculty of Business, University of Victoria

Brent Banda - The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Source Inc. (Saskatchewan)
Author: Barbara Phillips, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Michelle Hill - The Cocoon Esthetic Clinic (Prince Edward Island)
Author: Tim Carroll, School of Business Administration, University of Prince Edward Island

Bill MacMullin - The Internet Call Manager (Nova Scotia)
Author: Harvey Johnstone, School of Business, University College of Cape Breton

Kim Doherty and Melodie Stewart - Pro-Net Business Connections (Nova Scotia)
Author: Deborah Hurst, School of Business Administration, Acadia University